Episode 7 – Fatherhood

Join us in Episode 7 for a refreshing look at our views on fatherhood, family structure, and the joys (or pains) of fatherhood. We take a close look at issues involving the standard of beauty presented to our daughters, whether the disciplinarian is still typically the father, and how different household structures can all thrive and ultimately produce great children.

Segment Marks:
Intro – :25
Myth of Absent Black Father – 2:40
Traditional Family Structure? – 9:10
Difference in Raising Girls vs. Boys – 16:30
Disciplining Girls vs. Boys – 27:00
Do Dads Babysit? – 28:30
Do Black Men Have a Problem with Commitment? – 32:45
Funny Stories – 41:25
Parting Shots – 49:40

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