Episode 31 – Hip Soul with King Henry

This week, we are pleased to welcome Henry Williams (aka King Henry) to the show! Henry discusses his passion for music, his musical influences and the intersection between social issues and hip hop. What was the album that changed his life? What does being a music producer entail? We answer all of these questions and much more.

We also breakdown the “repeal and replace” debate for the Affordable Care Act, and discuss the ramifications for Trump if it doesn’t pass.

Also, are Sage Steele’s recent comments indicative of self hate, or does she simply think that Blacks are the most racist people she has dealt with? Is there a difference between her comments and the past comments Bill Cosby has made?

Thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy!

Listen. Discuss. Engage. Be the Change.

Instagram: @ucollege, @iOpine11, @DocCrm

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