Episode 83 – Uncomfortable Conversations

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We’re back for another episode of the University College! In an already-crowded Democratic field, the choices for the primary only keep increasing. We play a quick game of “First Word You Think” about the most noteworthy names in the field: Warren, Kamala, Bernie, Joe, Corey, etc. Also, do any of these candidates have a legitimate shot at the political throne, or is it too early to tell?

There’s no doubt that the Jussie Smollet story has garnered quite a bit of attention? Do we think he’s telling the truth? It is certainly a strange story but listen to our discussion to hear our views on that, and the broader topic of why it can be difficult to express an opinion that is contrary to the “mob”.

Finally, how many Nike executives contacted Duke, Coach K, and Zion when Zion’s shoe exploded in one of the biggest games of the year? Did Nike just lose the next “sure thing” before he even got to the league?

As always, we love to hear your feedback, and thanks for listening.

Check out this episode!

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