Episode 86 – To the Left, To the Left

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We are now through the first debates, and although 20 candidates are still in the race, we break down who should probably drop out now. Also, can Joe Biden recover from Kamala Harris dropping the hammer on him during their exchange at the debate? Find out who we were pleasantly surprised with and who we thought underperformed (hint, its Bernie).

 What’s up with Pete Buttigieg? He had quite a bit of press and raised $25M in Q2 but can’t seem to break (and stay above) 5%. He’s polling at an abysmal 0% with African Americans right now. We break down what we think this means.

Lastly, has the Democratic Party gone too far left? Free healthcare for everyone, free college—even candidate Andrew Yang proposing to give all Americans $1000 per month. More importantly, if the party has moved to the left, what does that mean for the center as the final candidates have to make their move back to the middle in a short couple of months.

Have a safe 4thof July, Happy belated Juneteenth, and Happy June 27thto our Houston Listeners!

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